When he was just 9 months old, Greg McCown moved to Tucson, AZ. Greg especially loves the mountains. He has spent many days and nights, camping, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing in the Catalina Mountains and other moun tain ranges in the area.

At age 21 Greg met the girl of his dreams. They were married and had 5 children together. They have now been together 24 years. Greg soon found that he really liked working in real estate, buying and selling properties both for himself and others. He has built spec homes, split lots, done rezonings, and been a landlord. He found that he truly enjoyed helping others in the process of buying and selling real estate. Even after obtaining an MBA in Global Management in May of 2002, Greg found that any new career would not be as fulfilling as the one he had come to enjoy so much.

In 2004, on a trip to Hawaii, Greg stole his wife’s camera. She never got it back and Greg became instantly obsessed. He spent years studying and practicing the art of photography and has become a well know landscape photographer specializing in storms, stars and sunsets. His work is now found in magazines, calendars, frequently on the local news, and has been published internationally.