Jeremy is a Phoenix native who migrated to Flagstaff a quarter century ago. Besides a trip or two each year to chase monster supercells on the Great Plains, he samples storms throughout northern Arizona and sometimes down into the deserts during the Monsoon and transition season. While working primarily as an art director for a medical device company, he has also supported his storm chasing by writing, illustrating, and photographing for astronomy publications.
He started snagging monsoon lightning photographs in 1985 and documented his first Great Plains tornado in 2010. In the realm of stormy weather, lightning was his first love, but with time, he was drawn even more to dynamic storm structure, and breathtaking storm-landscape combinations. He finds his favorite moments getting off the highway, onto unexplored local roads, and experiencing the weather as it transforms a place into something unique and awesome. Crafting images that evoke the thrilling experience of being there is what motivates him to get out, emblazon more memories, and share the wonder with others.